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Solaris Energy (Pvt) Ltd has been operating since 2012. Solaris aims to provide energy solutions to industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Being managed by industry experts, Solaris portrays sound expertise in the field of solar powered renewable energy.

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Vision & Mission


Our vision is to provide a valuable long-term relationship and partnership with our clients by carrying out the following:

✅ Providing our clients with leading edge products from global suppliers, such as NEP, PhonoSolar, Japan Solar and SAJ, which are pioneers in renewable energy solutions and energy efficient products.

✅ Our Engineers are fully committed to the development of affordable solar PV technologies to the Sri Lankan industrial and domestic markets.

✅ We will provide the most cost effective, efficient, safe & reliable designs, installations and training, while educating communities about renewable energy solutions for their energy needs.

✅ The Solaris team strives to provide outstanding customer service. We take pride in empowering consumers to harvest the available renewable energy resources at hand, such as solar and wind.

✅ Our products and services will comply with all international and local standards.

✅ We will provide excellent warranty guarantees on all products, installation and after sales support, ensuring the entire cycle of our relationship is maintained to the highest standards.


Solaris Energy's mission is to provide leading edge technology and customized engineering to solve energy solutions at affordable prices for both domestic and industrial clients nationwide.


Phono Solar Panel

Phono Solar are a company based in Switzerland who supply photovoltaic (PV) panels and micro-wind turbines to domestic properties. Phono solar have an impressive portfolio of larger scale PV project on megawatt (mW) scale, used in power plant production globally. Phono Solar can be used as renewable energy solution provider, who is committed to customer packaged solution for energy supply , energy management , energy saving and energy storage.

SAJ String Inverters

With an American technical background, Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as SAJ) is a professional leading provider of renewable energy conversion, motor drive and control technology, transmission and storage solutions. The SAJ is specializes in providing the most and a very low voltage variable frequency drives, servo drives, solar pumping system, solar inverters for distributed solar power plants, monitoring solutions and etc.

NEP Dual Micro Inverter

Northern Electric and Power Corporation (NEP) was found in the United States by a group of engineers from Xantrex, GE Global Research and Motorola Research.The advance technology and high reliability. NEP is an Individual Optimization, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), it has Longer Warranty,Easily Expandable,We can check the Performance Reports, there is No Single Point of Failure, it hasImproved Safety and it is Silent.

Net Meter – Give & Take

The Ceylon Electricity Board will install a Net-Meter, which monitors the number of units generated by the solar. The generated units could be uploaded to CEB.

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